Student Angelique/13crs swan-neck

13crs AND Angelique in one, based on Maler/Elg

This is the latest creation based on the Maler (MI54) and the extended neck of the "Swedish theorbo" Elg (M220) c.1729. Comfortable and lightweight, powerful and rich basses, the body being shallow and fits the pre-existing case (c14.2 cm  deep) the string length is 70.2/92/107cm can be string as a 13crs as seen or as a 16crs angelique with extra holes in the bridge and groves in the nut. Ribs are in grade two English yew wood, reused/restored Alpine spruce soundboard, bog oak fingerboard, ebonised maple neck and ebonised pearwood extended neck, bridge and endpin, natural pearwood pegs, CD Basses and NNG octaves and fingered courses. The case in a Kingham ex stock black exterior and Green velvet interior. The Maler/Frei Angelique previously made sounded nice so this time the neck was made a triple pegbox, rather modern looking for it's time and thus quicker to make reducing costs but a recent purchase of a triple pegbox by a well respected professional player helped make this the choice for the extended neck, the bases seem as powerful as longer necked italian theorbo.

£1876 (case, if required, is £624)
 Here it being played here:

Student Angelique/13 crs Swan-neck Baroque lute

New! A student  16/17crs Angelique/13crs baroque lute in one! Body and barring based on Maler (MI 54) and the swan neck based on the Berlin Tielke (5259). The body of the maker is shallower than the Tielke body and the string length is 70.5/102.5cm which matches other Angeliques. The extra holes in the bridge allows for all 3 stringing combinations, also seen on historical angeliques (see 'The Lute' journal 2010). The body is in English yew, the neck looks like ebony veneer but is the more affordable ebonised maple, soundboard has ebony edging the fingerboard is black bog oak

£1796  (the case, if required, is £624)