Baroque lutes

13 crs student baroque lute based on Hans Frei (C34),  left-handed lute.

11 crs student baroque lute based on Hans Frei

Listen to it hear played by Richard Mackenzie

New for 2019! 13 crs (electric) lute/ angelique 


This latest creation is a 13crs swan neck lute based on the comfortable Hans Frei (C34) body and has the extended neck and bridge of the Widhalm (MIR 903). Single strung in Nylgut and CD bases, the bridge has positions for being strung as a double/standard baroque lute or seen here as single with higher tension strings and a 4 point pickup as previously installed with the electric mandora. The bridge also has extra holes to allow stringing as a 16crs angelique too, so 3 instruments for the price of one!

The ribs, neck and extended neck are in figured maple and the extended neck pierced panels in pearwood, pearwood pegs and bridge, with the fingerboard, bridge top and points in bog oak instead of ebony. The soundboard has a ebony edging. Kingham case in wine red exterior and a mink plush interior.

To order £3309 (£2727 + £582)

 13 course Buchenburg triple pegbox baroque lute

13 course Buchenburg (Edinburgh 3249 deep body) with a triple pegbox based on Jauck (Copenhagen CL104) triple rose from the Railich archlute  (MIM1569) Inspired by the Berner CL105 shown here, except the hideous bridge! This was originally an archlute made 2002 with a new neck, pegbox and soundboard. Stringlength 70.3/85.3/97.5 cm in f (a=415Hz) strung with NNG and the new copper loaded CD bases by Aquilla. 19 ribs and neck in Black Walnut, Bog oak fingerboard, ebonised pearwood triple pegbox, Indian rosewood pegs. 14 frets for the bach transcriptions. 

To order from

Student Angelique/13 crs Swan-neck Maler Baroque lute

This is a student 16/17crs Angelique/13crs baroque lute in one! Body and barring based on Maler (MI 54) and the swan neck based on the Berlin Tielke (5259). The body of the maker is shallower than the Tielke body and the string length is 70.5/102.5cm which matches other Angeliques. The extra holes in the bridge allows for all 3 stringing combinations, also seen on historical angeliques (see 'The Lute' journal 2010). The body is in English yew, the neck looks like ebony veneer but is the more affordable ebonised maple, soundboard has ebony edging the fingerboard is black bog oak

To order £1796, case £659 ( case £624, strap £10, delivery of case £25)

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