Renaissance lutes

7crs Renaissance lute based on Hans Frei (C34)

7crs based on Hans Frei (C34) £1167 excluding case, the case is circa £500

Listen to it here being played by Richard Mackenzie

7crs Renaissance lute based on W. Tieffenbrucker (C36)

7crs Student lute based on Tieffenbrucker (C36) in f' a=440Hz. Cherry wood ribs, alpine spruce soundboard, bog oak fingerboard, or Indian rosewood, Nylgut strings. £ 1145, excluding case (circa £500)
This instrument is also available as a student 10crs at £1205 excluding case (circa £540)

6 crs Renaissance lute (Medieval lute based)

Children's lute/ early renaissance lute based on the Medieval lute body but with renaissance barring and appearance based on paintings and iconography. £884, excluding case (circa £500)

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