Medieval Lute

 5crs Medieval lute c 1470

Here it being played below: 

Painted by P. Serra (1357-1408)

 This instrument was based on a variety of medieval sources, the barring from Arnaut of Zwolle technical drawing, the body shape of the wood carving of Pythagoras

Hear it being played here, the pear and parchment rose from a window of the Milan Duomo, the smaller rose from a Dole cupboard in Haddon Hall Derbyshire. Traditional woods used being English yew wood, german pearwood neck peg box, bridge and pegs. the pegs are carved into a heart shape as seen on medieval lutes in paintings, as is the bridge design. 52,5cm string length, strung in gut in g' at a=440Hz, Kingham case. The instrument can be heard

Alternatively a rounder 'apple' shaped medieval lute based closer on the body shape of Arnaut of Zwolle's technical drawing can be made, string length 48.5cm, in g' or a'.

Painted by A. Benson (b1550) Banquet scene c1600
This is one of the closest paintings to the technical drawing of a lute described by Arnaut of  Zwolle.

A similar medieval lute but painted by Lorenz Saragossa (1363-1406) in Aragon