Baroque,Romantic & 6 course Spanish Guitar

Baroque guitar based on Sellas, Venice, 1614 (Edinburgh No 279)

Yew wood back and sides with an yew wood veneered neck and head stock with burr walnut decorations, String length is 70.7cm in Baroque pitch a=415Hz, max depth 12.9cm.

Early Romantic Guitar based on Lacote

This Early Romantic guitar is based on a guitar by Lacote c1825, Edinburgh Collection Nr 2521, with a label inside " F.Burkinyoung &Co/Old Court House Street/ Calcutta" another label, signed in ink  reads " F.Sor". The string length is 62.7cm, 9.2cm maximum depth. The back and sides are made of Pearwood, neck and peg headstock in ebonies maple, pegs in Indian rosewood, sound hole edging and inner purfling in ebony/holly. Hear the Lacote guitar being played beautifully below:

£1941, not including case price

Student romantic guitar circa1820 (Edinburgh No.298)

The original instrument is shown below:

Based on an Anonymous Terz in the Edinburgh collection, string length 52.1cm, 6.8 cm max depth, back and sides in pear wood, soundboard in western red cedar, bog oak fingerboard or Indian rosewood, neck and peg box in figured maple, pegs in Indian rosewood. £1242, excluding case.
(This instruments can be heard on Jamie Akers' Cd 'A soldiers return'). Hear the instrument being played by Jamie in a gorgeous duet with himself, here, the terz is the one on the top of the video.

6 course Spanish Guitar based on Joseph Benedid,
 Cadiz 1787 (Met Museum 1992.1.2)

Hear the Benedid guitar being played here by Richard MacKenzie:

This new affordable guitar is the 6 course Spanish Guitar, a transitional instrument between the Baroque and the Early Romantic single strung guitar. This instrument can be strung as a Vihuela, a Baroque guitar (as seen above), a 6 course Spanish guitar ( as seen above) and 6 single Early Romantic Guitar (as above), so 4 in one if you really want to explore music!
The 6 course had a short life span, circa 1780's to 1810's. Some examples can be found here played on the instrument above by Richard Mackenzie. Also on you tube you hear 6 crs music played by Thomas Schmitt or via Presto Classical of Fernando Ferandiere's, Moretti's and Guzman's music, as well as recordings of Boccherini's guitar quintets by Jose Moreno, so plenty of nice music heard here

6 course guitars are by Pages and Benedid, most in the Barcelona Music Museum. The typical 6 course has a similar body length and depth to the late baroque guitars, some still having gut frets on the fingerboard but this one was made with metal, considering some guitar players may not be familiar with replacing gut frets. The body is made of light weight English Yew, ebonised maple neck and head stock, pearwood pegs, Indian Rosewood bridge, alpine spruce top. Ebony edging like a lute would have. This instrument can be made without the sound hole rings (minus £100) Hear it being played here new recordings on it 2020. 

£ 950 excluding case

Other Guitars to order:

Louis Panormo, London, string length 62.4cm, max depth 9.8cm

Gerard Delaplanque, Lille 1761 (Paris M2915) string length 70cm, max depth 8.5, shown below:

Benito Sanchez de Aquilera, Madrid 1797 (Met Museum 1990.221) string length 60cm. 10.5 cm deep.