Monday, 3 February 2020

Stock lutes

 Stock lutes for Sale 

Theorbe de Pieces in d' (a=415Hz) (The Lesser French Theorbo) based on Vendelio Venere, Padua c1611 (Vienna KHM C47)

This small Theorbo has a comfortable flat back yet just a wide as other theorboes is also referred to as a Theorbe de Pieces in d' or Lesser French Theorbo, or even a 'Luth a Double Manche (according to B.Narvey). String length 75.7/121cm in yew with bog oak veneered with holly lower and upper neck, pearwood pegs, alpine spruce soundboard with original rose and roped border, or 75.7/160 with a longer Italian theorbo neck as may have been on the original. This instrument may have started off life as a Bass lute, the neck on this instrument is narrow for a theorbo so may be the original Bass lute neck. The extended neck is more likely to be a conversion by a French lute maker like DesMoulins hence it's strung as a Theorbe de Pieces. However some early short necked, large bodied 'small' theorboes survive that are said to be original short necks, possibly tuned at standard chitarrone tuning in a' but at Paduan/Venetian Pitch (466Hz or 456Hz, according to E.Segerman 2008) possible at that higher pitch due to the shorter string length of 75.7cm but still justifying a double re-entrant stringing. It's a shallow theorbo at 15.5cm deep as seen below:

£4518 + case discounted to £450 due to scratches on delivery and being oversized. Of course another case could be ordered to fit the shorter length but will cost circa £690

6 crs Mandolino (Paris, E0702)

The latest addition is this Mandolino with 6 courses as ordered previously. The original instrument is in the Paris Cite de la Musique No E.0702. The original is mostly in Ebony and Ivory so I made this one out of Yew wood inspired by the Burkholtzer made before with heartwood yew, the rose also has a roped border. The neck is ebonised maple and the peg box ebonised limewood with natural pear wood pegs. The decorative headstock is made of holly and ebony like the original, 33cm string length . The intention was to create a venetian lute feel for the mandolino. The case is an oversized case but was bought as left over stock from Kingham and used for this instrument, it can be bought without this case but it does a good job at protecting it and small enough, the instrument can be bought without the case too.

£1565 without the case, (£120 for case shown above)

8 crs Multiribbed Yew Renaissance lute based on Hans Burkholtzer c1596 (KHM NE48)

Originally inspired by the look, shape and sound of the Sixtus Rauwolf lute played by Jacob Lindberg, it was created to give the look/feel of an original instrument. With a multiribbed yew body with old dark and lighter heartwood, one small rib restoration (thus a reduced price), and with a slightly darker/'aged' finish elsewhere, hopefully it's got the ambience of an old/original instrument, dare I say!
It has a Black Walnut neck and pegbox (as recommended by the Mary Burwell lute Ms) and is cheaper than a veneered neck, less ebony too, the fingerboard is black English Bog Oak an eco-alternative to Ebony, the only ebony used is around the soundboard. The pegs and bridge are pearwood with decorative stars carved as seen on another original/ surviving lute by Giovanni Hieber ( Brussels MIM 1561) string length 62.8cm in g' at a=440Hz. The original rose design, shown here has a roped border, typical of this type of renaissance lute.

£2625 + case £558, a must if shipping overseas

 Sold Ex hire 7 course lute based on Hans Frei (Vienna KHM C34)

7crs student lute for sale, made in 2015, used/hire instrument, ware due to playing/being held means its discounted to the current price. Strung in Kuershner Strings in g' at 440Hz, a warm a responsive tone. Yew heartwood body, maple neck and pegbox, pear wood pegs and bridge, fingerboard in eco-friendly English Bog oak. Currently on hire so if your interested in buying it when back off hire then it's first come first serve as standard.

New Price: Was £1365 Now £865 inc Kingham case (£665 with cheaper alternative case shown)

11 crs swan-neck lute (or Double lute) based on MIR 899
Originally by M.Hartung/Harton c1600 converted to a swan neck in c1691 by Johann Zacher/Dacherl Bresslau, New pics (10/2019) with new CD bass strings put on.

Yew multi-ribbed back, veneered neck with holly lines, stained maple extended neck with stained pearwood pegs, ebony fingerboard and natural pear wood bridge, strung all in gut at f' at a=415Hz, D minor tuning. Alternatively it could be strung like the double lute/luth en tuorbe/Luth a double manche in vieil ton as seen in  Mersenne's Harmonie Universelle (1636),  but in g' at Mersenne's pitch a=375Hz with a different set of strings. New Kingham case wine red exterior/black plush interior. Shallow body and string length of 63.4/90.2cm makes it very comfortable to play Weiss' 11crs music which suits this instrument. Here it here with its new CD bass strings

£ 4260  now £3699 slight use and including used case (some exterior scuffing)